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Here He Comes!

New Doc 2017-09-17 (1).jpg

Hand-Drawn Xmas Card

Ho ho ho!


Still More!

Santa’s trippin’!

grateful santa1grateful santa2

Hand-Drawn Xmas Card

Ho ho ho!


That “Other” Holiday is Coming!

Haven’t really started posting Christmas cards yet – but I’m working on them! Here are a couple – order now and beat the rush! Each card is hand-drawn and really is one-of-a-kind – if you want more than one of a particular design, contact me at

snowman and bunny1 web

Hand-Drawn Xmas Card

Ho ho ho!


space santa1

Hand-Drawn Xmas Card

Ho ho ho!


snowman with name1

Personalized Hand-Drawn Xmas Card

Add a name to this one-of-a-kind card!


Hand-Drawn Holiday Cards

These will soon be featured on their own page where you can purchase them (see the link above on the right). If you have special requests, you can email me at

hippie santa card full

New Doc 2017-08-21_1

xmas card - house and snowman your name here2

Xmas in July

Santa’s taking his break!

New Doc 2017-07-06 (2)

Hand-Drawn Holiday Cards Are Still Available!

I sent out (to previously-promised friends) or sold most of the cards I’ve been working on recently – been restocking my “inventory” this week (by drawing more!). Below are some pics of what’s currently available – stop by La Bou Carmichael this weekend if you’d like to pick up one or more – just $5 each. Such a deal!






The Card-Making Continues!

I’m still churning out hand-drawn holiday cards at La Bou Carmichael most days – here are some of the more recent ones.If you’re in the area, stop by and say howdy – cards are $5 each – try La Bou’s coffee and yummy treats, too!


Hand-Drawn Holiday Cards – the Collection

Below is a pic of nearly all the cards I’ve done for the holidays so far – though I’ve added a few more since I took the picture! When someone buys a card, I redraw it, so this is basically the “base”. I started this because I had promised some people back in the spring that I would do cards for them. Then I waited ’til the week before Thanksgiving to start drawing them! After people at my java joint (La Bou in Carmichael) expressed an interest, I started selling them. It’s keeping me busy! 🙂


More Hand-Drawn Holiday Cards

Been getting a lot of interest in my hand-drawn cards and have sold a few at my local coffee place, La Bou Carmichael. Here are a few more I’ve done in the past couple of days – I’m trying to build up my “inventory” because there are several people I promised I’d do these for last spring and now it’s almost That Time! 🙂

Hand-Drawn Holiday Cards – Now Available!

I’m now offering hand-drawn holiday cards – just $5 apiece! I’m working on them at our local java joint, La Bou in Carmichael, CA, usually between 11am and 3pm. If you’re in the area, stop by – La Bou also has great treats, sandwiches and salads – all made on premise – even the sandwich rolls (I recommend the sourdough baguette!) If you can’t come by and still want a card (or two – or three!) contact me at one of the contact points in the graphic below and we can work things out – postage will be added to the $5 per card, so it makes sense to buy more than one. 🙂 Below are some of the cards I’ve already done – I’ll be adding more soon. Happy Holly-Daze!