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For Campbell

This was done for a kid with some health challenges named Campbell, whose brother asked the “Tomorrow Daily” viewers to start posting pictures when they visited “exotic” locales – it doesn’t get more exotic than fighting a monster on the moon! The astronaut is wearing a bracelet with the name of Campbell’s Facebook group on it.

moon scene for campbell1 web

The “Tomorrow Daily” HostBots

Here’s a revised version of the HostBot cartoon Khail was talking about in the “Tomorrow Daily” segment – revised to include his fellow host, Ashley. and the BossBot, producer Logan.

robot hosts rev3

A Shout-Out From CNET’s “Tomorrow Daily”

Got a shout-out from Ashley and Khail at the CNET show “Tomorrow Daily” the other day – check it out at the link below (if the video doesn’t automatically go to the right place, forward to the 19:58 mark). Thanks, kids!