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Random Cartoons – Labor Day Weekend Edition

Random cartoons from the “last” weekend of summer (not really – summer ends Sept. 22!)…

Random Cartoons

Just for the heck of it!


I do these all the time at my “office”, aka La Bou Carmichael. Ask your barista for one!


Special summer edition coffee sleeves – Holy Java, Batman!

New Doc 2017-07-10_1

“Business” Cards

Usually spend some time working on these (and coffee sleeves) when I go into my “office” – aka La Bou Cafe and Bakery in Carmichael, CA. Stop by and say howdy!

New Doc 2017-08-17 (1)biz cards1

Coffee Sleeves

And speaking of coffee sleeves – just ask your friendly neighborhood barista at La Bou for one!

coffee sleeves 7-10 3coffee sleeves 7-10 2coffee sleeves 7-10

Coffee Sleeves

A few of the recent coffee sleeves I’ve done – stop by La Bou Carmichael and ask for one!

Recent Coffee Sleeves

Still doing coffee sleeves at my “office” – aka La Bou Carmichael. Stop in and ask the friendly baristas for one! BTW, La Bou has its own spiffy website – you can order food and drinks to go! Check them out at

New Doc 2017-05-26_1

coffee sleeves 5-15

coffee sleeves order on the go1


Valentine’s Coffee Sleeves

Done a few of these for La Bou Carmichael – just ask you barista for one!

Holiday Coffee Sleeves

Here are some of the holiday coffee sleeves I did for La Bou Carmichael, my local java joint. If you’re in the Carmichael area, stop by and ask your barista for one! These cover Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and “Talk Like a Pirate Day”! I got the idea from fellow cartoonist and Facebook “friend” Jon Murakami, who’s been doing this with his cartooning friends at their local Starbucks in Honolulu. If you make it to Hawaii, stop in at their Honolulu Starbucks – tell them I sent you!