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Ask your friendly barista for one at La Bou Carmichael!

coffee sleeves 2018-10-29 v3coffee sleeves 2018-10-29

Random Cartoons – Labor Day Weekend Edition

Random cartoons from the “last” weekend of summer (not really – summer ends Sept. 22!)…

Random Cartoons

Just for the heck of it!


I do these all the time at my “office”, aka La Bou Carmichael. Ask your barista for one!


Special summer edition coffee sleeves – Holy Java, Batman!

New Doc 2017-07-10_1

“Business” Cards

Usually spend some time working on these (and coffee sleeves) when I go into my “office” – aka La Bou Cafe and Bakery in Carmichael, CA. Stop by and say howdy!

New Doc 2017-08-17 (1)biz cards1

Coffee Sleeves

And speaking of coffee sleeves – just ask your friendly neighborhood barista at La Bou for one!

coffee sleeves 7-10 3coffee sleeves 7-10 2coffee sleeves 7-10

Coffee Sleeves

A few of the recent coffee sleeves I’ve done – stop by La Bou Carmichael and ask for one!

Recent Coffee Sleeves

Still doing coffee sleeves at my “office” – aka La Bou Carmichael. Stop in and ask the friendly baristas for one! BTW, La Bou has its own spiffy website – you can order food and drinks to go! Check them out at

New Doc 2017-05-26_1

coffee sleeves 5-15

coffee sleeves order on the go1