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Mom and Dad Days

Some cards for both!


Get Your FREE Father’s Day Cards!

Hey kids – feel free to download any (or all) the graphics below and attach to your Father’s Day emails! If you want (and can!), you can make a donation to Cat House on the Kings. Now – START THE BBQs!!!

bbq dad1ecard beat dad1ecard cat and kitten1hippie and son1

ecard pop power1

Crazy, Man, Crazy!

Hope all the cool cats out there have a CRAZY Daddy-O Day!

ecard beat dad1

Portfolio Updates

Trying to keep my portfolio updated – click the “Portfolio” link at the top of the page to see the latest additions!


Have a Far-Out Father’s Day

Get Dad some “medicine” from the local cannabis clinic!

hippie and son1

Daddy-O Day is On The Way

Crazy, man, crazy!

New Doc 2018-05-20_1New Doc 2018-05-20_2

Two Sleepy Cats

Lke father, like son! 🙂

New Doc 2018-05-18 (3)_1New Doc 2018-05-18 (3)_2

Like, Crazy, Man!

Getting ready to dig Daddy-O Day!

New Doc 2018-05-18 (4)_1New Doc 2018-05-18 (4)_2