The La Bou Bakery and Cafe Corner Artist Collective – in Carmichael

My local java joint, La Bou Carmichael, is a real art center! I’ve been hanging out there since we moved to Carmichael, so much so I call it my “office”. And I’m not the only artist there!  Barista Megan designs cards for all occasions and has been doing so for several years – she calls her “company” Anchor Cards, and she now has a collection for sale at La Bou’s front counter – just $5 each.


My lovely wife Evelyn is drawing and painting coffee sleeves for La Bou  and everyone loves them. Just ask for one when you order your drink!


Local classical guitarist Sean O’Connor plays La Bou every Saturday from 11 am ’til 1 pm. He’s also the director of the Sacramento Guitar Society Orchestra.


I’m working on hand-drawn holiday cards – and have even sold a few!


If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by, say hi, and enjoy the great coffee and tea drinks and the yummy pastries – all baked on premise! Say hi to Lee, the manager, too – she’s great and occasionally does some origami!



More Coffee Sleeves

Been doing a lot of these at the local java joint (La Bou Carmichael) – my lovely wife has been, too, though hers are much more elegant. If you’re in our area, stop by La Bou and ask the baristas for one – make sure you tip them! 🙂

More Coffee Sleeves

These are the ones I did today – I’m giving them to the baristas and they’re shuffling them into the stack behind the counter. My lovely wife’s done a few, too, but they’re much more elegant – she also paints over them with a sealant so they last!



Coffee Sleeves

A Facebook friend – cartoonist Jon Murakami – and his friends started drawing on the coffee sleeves at their java joint in Hawaii. Thought I’d give it a shot – here are a few I’ve done. If you stop by La Bou in Carmichael, CA, ask for one when you buy a coffee – and make sure to tip the brew crew!