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80s Rockers

The 80s are the new “oldies”!

80s rockers1


I do these all the time at my “office”, aka La Bou Carmichael. Ask your barista for one!

Don Q

Been toying with a version of “Don Quixote” – still pretty preliminary! Here’s a few sketches…

The 80s Are Back!

The 80s are the NEW “oldies”!

0h yeah guy color1

pogo gal1 webpogo guy1 web


Hashtag: #Hepcat!


Everyone Likes the 60s!

Working up some stuff for the crew at #SoBoss!

you like 60s web1

Have a Far-Out Father’s Day

Get Dad some “medicine” from the local cannabis clinic!

hippie and son1

Daddy-O Day is On The Way

Crazy, man, crazy!

New Doc 2018-05-20_1New Doc 2018-05-20_2

Class of 2018

Good luck to all the grads out there!

New Doc 2018-05-19_1New Doc 2018-05-19_2

Two Sleepy Cats

Lke father, like son! 🙂

New Doc 2018-05-18 (3)_1New Doc 2018-05-18 (3)_2