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Been sorting through a bunch of stuff I’ve scanned with my iPhone – haven’t posted all of them yet, so here’s a few…

Scan Mar 30, 2016, 2.44 PM



The JazzMin Duo

Working on some promo stuff for a local jazz combo, the JazzMin Duo – they’ve got a video of a “Tribute to Mel Torme” show they did a few years ago on YouTube. Available for weddings, parties, and bar mitzvahs! 🙂


jazzmin duo rev1


Tricky Dick

It was the 42nd anniversary of Nixon’s resignation a few days ago – my favorite day of the year! 🙂

tricky dick2


It’s tough to keep up with the Drumpf stupidity…

Sketch 2016-08-10 05_49_07

He’s With Me

New cartoon…

trump clinton hes with me1