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Crazy Jazz Cat

Like blow, cat, blow!


Psychic Supercat – draft

First draft of the “Psychic Supercat” strip – coming soon!

food no title1

My Zazzle Shop

If you’re looking for cards – even some T-shirts of mugs – check out my designs at my site. I especially recommend the Beatnik designs! Like, crazy, man!

April’s Fool!

Hope you didn’t fall for anything too outrageous!

aprils fool2

My Office (aka, La Bou in Carmichael)

Here’s a little graphic I did for the local coffee place I hang out at, La Bou – it’s just around the corner from us! Stop by and you can buy me some java! 🙂

la bou bunny1

A Little Late, but…

Sorry for the delay – here’s a couple of Easter cards. Hope yours was fun, and you didn’t eat TOO much chocolate!

happy easter1spring has sprung1