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Christmas Wishes

Stock up for the holidays!

santa with cat color1Click here to order.

Have a Merry CAT-mas!

More Xmas cards in my Zazzle shop:

santa cat in color1

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Santa in His Rocket

It’s not too soon to start stocking up on holiday cards! Right now, you can get 10% off your Zazzle purchase when you enter the code “SCHOOLSTYLIN” at checkout.

Rocket Santa

space santa card3 web

Happy Halloween

Toasting ghosts – available at Zazzle.

Two Ghosts

two ghosts front web1

Day of the Dead Postcard

Available in my Zazzle shop.

Day of the Dead

day of the dead5

For Campbell

This was done for a kid with some health challenges named Campbell, whose brother asked the “Tomorrow Daily” viewers to start posting pictures when they visited “exotic” locales – it doesn’t get more exotic than fighting a monster on the moon! The astronaut is wearing a bracelet with the name of Campbell’s Facebook group on it.

moon scene for campbell1 web

“The Deadheads”

Working on a new superhero group – The Deadheads! Left to right, they’re Cosmic Charlie, Tennessee Jed, Casey Jones, and Bertha. And when they join together and say the Magic Words, who should appear but…??? Stay tuned, kids!!!


The “Tomorrow Daily” HostBots

Here’s a revised version of the HostBot cartoon Khail was talking about in the “Tomorrow Daily” segment – revised to include his fellow host, Ashley. and the BossBot, producer Logan.

robot hosts rev3

A Shout-Out From CNET’s “Tomorrow Daily”

Got a shout-out from Ashley and Khail at the CNET show “Tomorrow Daily” the other day – check it out at the link below (if the video doesn’t automatically go to the right place, forward to the 19:58 mark). Thanks, kids!