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It’s Robo-Kitty™


robo kitty web1

Snowman Latte

Cold on the outside, warm on the inside…

snowman with coffee web1

Santa and Kitty

Getting ready for the holiday season…

santa and kitty web1

Six Months ’til Xmas!

Santa’s resting up…

santa in summer web1

Pizza Man!

‘Aaaaaaaaay – ‘atsa nice!

pizza man2

Lo, a New Superhero is Born…!

Here’s a drawing of my grand-nephew Henry (not sure how accurate that is – he’s my mother’s aunt’s granddaugter’s son) based on a photo of him getting ready for a paint-gun war. Hoping he or his sister are willing to do some coloring work on this! (Krackle kopyright Kirby Krackle Kompany…)

hammering hank3 web

Retro Robot

I want to start a Kickstarter to build a line of robots like this – get a couple of mil and then retire to an island with one ot two of them!

Sketch 2015-04-18 07_47_31

Daddy-O Needs His Cuppa Joe!

Left this at one of the local coffee joints…

beatnik java card1

Birthday Greetings

Happy birthday to my grand-cousin (?) Jo – hope she’ll color this in!

jos bday3