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My Card

It’s like wowsville, man!

beatnik card3

Holiday Cards: Hand-Drawn Xmas Cards

Would you like to have a small batch of hand-drawn cards to give to your closest family and friends this holiday season? I’m offering up to a dozen cards per order – these will be hand-drawn in pen-and-ink on card stock. You’ll receive the cards and envelopes to sign and send out. You’ll have several designs to choose from – check out the samples below. Contact me via email at if interested. Act now to give this creaky old man enough time to crank ’em out! Offer expires the end of July 2015.

Snowman drinking a lattesnowman with pens3Ho ho ho!



Holiday Cards: New Year

Start the year out right!

new year3

Holiday Cards: Thanksgiving

And remember: turnabout’s fair play!

turkey serves dinner2

Holiday Cards: Thanksgiving

The turkey has an alternate suggestion for dinner…

turkey pizza2

Holiday Cards: Halloween

Scary stuff, keeds!

halloween pizza web2

Holiday Cards: 4th of July

Uncle Sam D. Cat wishes you a safe and sane 4th!

uncle sam cat1

Holiday Cards: St. Patrick’s Day

Just for the heck of it, here’s the black and white and color version. Faith ‘n begorrah!

leprechaun bw1leprechaun color1