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Coloring Fun!

Dog with Ball

I’m working on an educational coloring book for 1st and 2nd graders the local Humane Society is putting together. Here’s one of the preliminary drawings.

Denim and Diamonds

Barkitecture 2012: Denim and Diamonds

A blurb for the local Humane Society’s big fundraiser.

Xmas Cheer

Happy Xmas!

Our Xmas card for 2011. Two different photos dropped into an Illustrator graphic. Got ’em printed at Walgreens and the colors came out great!

Duck the Fodgers!

Get an early start on the baseball season! Go to

We’re Number One!

Look up “scope creep” under Google Images and what comes up first?

Scope Creep

Don’t believe me? Click here!

Christmas Card

Bah! Humbug!

From a Christmas card I did – the interior caption is “Bah! Humbug!” Someone said they thought Scrooge looked a lot like Dubya – strictly unintentional! Click here to order!

Calendar Collage

HSNB 2012 Companion Calendar

This is the back cover of the 2012 calendar the local humane society is selling as a fundraiser. This graphic features over 50 pets! You can still get a copy at

Fido Gets a Wash

Doggy Bath

One of several graphics I did for a segment on my lovely wife’s cable TV show on pets.

Hot Diggity Dog!

Hot Diggity Dog LogoThis is a logo for a soon-to-open hot dog bistro. Created in Adobe Illustrator.