Classical Guitar

Cartoon of classical guitarist Sean O’Connor I did on the iPad. You can hear and see Sean every Saturday from noon ’til 2 at La Bou Cafe in Carmichael!

sean guitar1

Retro Robot

I want to start a Kickstarter to build a line of robots like this – get a couple of mil and then retire to an island with one ot two of them!

Sketch 2015-04-18 07_47_31

Woofstock Paraphernalia Shop

Here are some more items I put together for the Woofstock Store on Cafe Press. Visit the store and buy something – all money raised goes to help the homeless animals at HSNB. Go to

Woofstock Paraphernalia Shop

Woofstock Comix

The big fundraiser for the (formerly in my case) local Humane Society, Barkitecture, is over now. The theme this year was “Woofstock – Peace, Love, and Pets.” Here’s a poster we’re selling at our Cafe Press store, featuring all five installments ofย  “Woofstock Comix”, a strip I was posting on their Facebook page to drum up interest.

woofstock comix posterVisit the Woofstock Paraphernalia Shop at All proceeds go to help the animals!