More Coffee Sleeves

These are the ones I did today – I’m giving them to the baristas and they’re shuffling them into the stack behind the counter. My lovely wife’s done a few, too, but they’re much more elegant – she also paints over them with a sealant so they last!



Coffee Sleeves

A Facebook friend – cartoonist Jon Murakami – and his friends started drawing on the coffee sleeves at their java joint in Hawaii. Thought I’d give it a shot – here are a few I’ve done. If you stop by La Bou in Carmichael, CA, ask for one when you buy a coffee – and make sure to tip the brew crew!

Scary Stuff, Keeds!

The holidays are coming! And I’m trying to get back into computer graphics – this was done with Inkscape, an open-source Adobe Illustrator “clone”. Soon to appear in a friend’s online events site!

cat and pumpkin4 web