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The local FM stalwart, KFOG, dumped their morning show DJs a few weeks ago and brought in a New Zoo Crew to run it, headed by a shock jock with a well-known history of bigotry from Kentucky. As you might imagine, this didn’t go over so well with listeners in San Francisco who had been listening to the station for a good 20 years or more. Some online groups popped up to oppose management’s incredibly stupid decision, and I tossed in a couple of graphics, based on shock jock “Twitch’s” involvement (fyi, he was calling himself “Tony” here)…



The bottom graphic was based on the graphic for “Twitch’s” show in Kentucky (and did I mention that while “Tony” was out here trying to be all groovy and liberal he was still doing a show on his old station using his “Twitch” persona? Yes, management was THAT stupid!)

After a couple of weeks of non-stop negative reaction, KFOG management finally gave in. They were fairly apologetic on the surface, and I posted this graphic in appreciation:

As always, Elvis said it best: “The radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools trying to anesthetize the way that you feel!”

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